Yes Miss Ems – Diaries of Chastity

Explore the journey into submission of a little locked chastity lover

Locked chastity in pink pants

Of course before this I believe should be an intro of how all of this began and how I am now in the fortunate position to call Miss Ems my Mistress.


I had first contacted in July a random chance connection on Twitter yet maybe Miss Ems saw something in me that was rare and worth a gamble in finding a submissive such as me and I was asked to check out the website and business she now runs Kinkycamdom, even though I had messaged before ( not in the twitter history asking her to choose a Mistress lock which Miss Ems did not but did comment on one of my devices which I donned and wore before Miss Ems and I spoke again and was asked to check out the site she ran.

I have always taken reasonable tasks seriously with Mistresses and with Miss Ems there seemed so much more than just a random request as nothing sexual involved no Fin Domme just a simple ask to check out the website and report back on my findings. This pleased Miss Ems without boring for the detail and the question was asked how many days am I locked currently or do I intend to be and as this was self imposed chastity I informed Miss Ems of this and Mistress imposed a 30 day lock down upon me and after reviewing devices I had and locks to choose from I was initially tasked into my pepperpot chastity with a chosen lock for 30 days and I would be messaged in the morning of August the 8th of how Mistress wanted to proceed.

“Your daily task before work 1. Kneel and chat ‘I submit to Miss Ems’ 20 times. 2. Choose the sexiest underwear remember my favourite colour is red or black the friller the better. 3. Dm a good morning picture to Miss Ems before heading to work. This is a daily task whilst I own your cock!”


Such has been my daily routine since then. To help us both as this type of relationship is much deeper than vanilla lifestyle so my first ever task was to provide all the information I could about what I own clothing and cb wise as well as a full breakdown of my kink likes and dislikes and previous experiences.

Mistress tasked me on that evening of the 9th a simple yet immediate designate of power exchange and my submission to Miss Ems in its entirety.


Day 1

I first met Miss Ems on a random twitter feed and we joked about various things and posts and I informed her of my love for chastity and she chose a device but made it clear that she wasnt my Mistress ( shortened version) and it was just a choice of device. Months on I am so amazingly proud to announce this wonderful ladtyhas become my Mistress and how this came about is purely by luck and a shared interest in the lifestyle xx

I do believe with her experience in the lifestyle and mine in my desires and wants over the years and my ultimate fantasy this lady has been presented to me for a reason and having now accepted me as her submissive a long journey is ahead of us xxx

after much exchange to share knowledge to tailor her Dominant side to mine submissive our journey has begun and as the submissive in this I cannot emphasize how proud and honoured I am to be considered by one so professional as Miss Ems!!! I want to shout from the rooftops of my acceptance and show her to be the proud sumissive that I hope she wants… time will tell. I can only be me and hopefully that will be enough for her. Looking forward to exploring new boundaries with an experienced Dominant and my owner Miss Ems xxx

how does that work, and spoken from the heart xxxxxxxxx

Day 2

As I sit here bound to my chair and gagged as is my Mistress want to write my journal I have come to realise although you want to share everything to make it as easy as you can for your Dominant to know everything it is easy to forget some simple things that your Domme needs to know, up and coming plans in the vanilla world as well as plans in everyday life which you take as the norm!!! As a submissive your life is not about you it is about how you can make Mistresses life better!!! Do not forget the simple everyday things you do that may have an affect on your total submission!! Today I made the error of messaging Mistress and retweeting whilst with a long term friend who deserved my full attention and was reminded of this and although my punishment light as I am new to Mistress and her new to me I gained much insight from this error. I thought i was akin to this lifestyle and knew much but this one episode has taught me anew to rethink. I thank Miss Ems for her education on this and will strive not to disappoint again xxx

Day 3

So bound to the chair and gagged day 3 of my journal. Miss Ems had me in manly knickers today and in truth I forgot I was wearing them until every time I had a bathroom break I was reminded of the fact and am of course loving the constant chastity I am in, for at least a month in her control not mine own yet the disappointment at the chosen underwear was there each time i saw and in my morning picture of worship it just wasn’t the same and I was aware that Miss Ems could not see her padlock to her cock which I felt guilty for!!! throughout the day although very busy with my own routine I had that thought running through my head. My journey time today with traffic was bad and I informed Miss Ems I would probably be home late and wondered if I would have any more punishment due to not being home at a set time as this I have mentioned in the past but I this time was fortunate that there was no retribution. when home however Miss Ems desire was to up my frustration at being in chastity which I love choosing porn which stimulates me and had to choose a favorite which was extremely difficult but settled on one and until my journal have been tasked with constant stimulation by watching the porn on my knees. OMG I love this frustration and denial and Miss Ems is aware that this is my biggest fantasy from the video and insights shared. I end each day thinking how lucky I am to have been chosen by this exquisite lady with extensive experience of the lifestyle and her total ownership of me. This weekend will be filled with my pre-booked diary as well as my birthday and Miss Ems has already sewn the seed of how she will constantly remind me of my position which enthralls me all the more especially as this weekend I will be in a latex catsuit and heels in public at a comic con event so in public in a fetish love normally reserved for private. I am so grateful for being able to live my fantasy of full time chastity and service and still have the tingles running through my spine at every bleep on my phone that could potentially be a message from my Mistress and when it is not Miss Ems I do feel a sense of disappointment each time it isn’t her. I cant wait for tomorrow !!!!!! Thankyou Miss Ems xxxxx

Day 4

Gosh is it only day 4 I feel more connected with you Miss Ems than that, this is perhaps due to what I have shared and how deep I have gone into this so quick as I have utmost trust in you and feel a connection as well of course as much it constantly still sends this shiver down my back knowing I belong to you, I am incredibly pleased to have received the praise for my considerate thinking this morning not sending he pictures first sent above even though I believe the correct decorum to behave it is lovely to have that recognised thank you Miss Ems. I was I admit nervous today that I would fit in my catsuit locked as is an incredibly tight fit and squishing can cause discomfort with trapped blood in the scrotum not only if I could get into the suit in that area, however fitting went without a hitch and only minor was the swelling this evening when removed that a few twists and turns soon relieved which is Very pleasing now knowing I could do again if required. My task was to get as many pictures of me as I could and I have achieved 7 although I believe to be more and I hope you approve, there may be more but not by my camera so I did not count them as part of my task as until i see the confirmation of course I cannot declare, I hope Miss Ems finds this satisfactory as well as the aforementioned pictures. I also when asking for someone to take a picture on my phone for me did announce it was part of my task and of course the only people who got that were the hosts as they are also into the BDSM lifestyle albeit I know not how much. and now I sit herehinking what an amazing day and how lucky I am to have Miss Ems and the friends I have, feeling somewhat complete with life. A nice way to eer my 48th Birthday year tomorrow. Xxxxxxxx

Day 5

Today I felt the pressure of balance of wanting to be available to Miss Ems and the balance of a close family as today was my Birthday and a special day for me and my folks, I shared todays experience and the desire for Miss Ems to be a part of that real time would be the ultimate prize for me a real time Mistress that is in my everyday life!!!! upon return home there was a missing item in my bondage gear in the form of nipple clamps which I have now corrected by ordering as my task required them and I felt very guilty at not having and ordered immediately as Miss Ems required me to have. I am also keen to have a more immediate way of communicating with Miss Ems rather than here and I expressed that and Miss Ems advised that would come in time which as her submissive I cannot wait for that!!!! OMG I have found the one I think!!! xxxx

I am so lucky!!! Jumping ahead I know Miss Ems has accepted my thirty days initial lock up in a Mistress Padlock the number chosen by her but as we spoke earlier about future I would love to choose a new device with you and receive your lock without keys sooo much , I know this is in the future but know I am keen for this to happen xxxx

To be continued……..