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Last year we had the pleasure of introducing you to ‘The Baron’ the highly skilled craftsman and owner of the Online Artisan Paddle Boutique – Devilish Design. Our Kinky friend has managed to take a few moments away from his very busy workshop, and playtime in the new Throne Room to give us a juicy look into the highlights of 2017 and future goals for the business in coming years.

If you have not had the pleasure of viewing ‘The Barons’ exceptional and unique work please take a look Devilish Design – Online Artisan Paddle Boutique 

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First a little catch up and it appears to have been a very busy year both for Devilish Design and on a personal level for the ‘The Baron’ who has now officially declared himself a Top within the lifestyle: I resisted a public label for as long as I could, but found it necessary as the name Devilish Design began to grow. No Top is complete without a bottom and in late 2017 his search was over. It has been amazing to work with her, and watch her grow. Her story impacted me deeply, as she is someone who knew she had a fetish but did not fully understand that there was a lifestyle and community lying just under the surface of everyday life. As I started to explain to her about my life, interests, writing, and work, I realized she was someone waiting to find her path. I was able to explain to her further the fact that her fetish did not make her broken, defective, or too much work (things she’d been told by the vanilla world), and it became abundantly clear I had an opportunity and responsibility to guide her into the lifestyle safely and sanely. I have been working with her now for about six months, and watching her blossom in multiple areas of her life has been a profound blessing. Also a key point was putting the finishing touches on my dungeon. I affectionately refer to this as The Throne Room, A little more on this special addition later…


Mirror Paddle

Bear ClawsDevilish Design have now found their way over the pond to England with the first international patron purchasing two of The Baron’s most beautiful designs.

Finding my first international patron from England was an important step forward. The special lady first commissioned one of my Bear Claw designs, and followed it up with a nice little Over the Knee Paddle. She is in talks with me about adding more Devilish Design to her collection in 2018.


So where are we likely to find pieces of the master craftsman’s work?

I have worked for Tops Doms and Dommes on every level. What I mean, is that I have worked with couples that keep their play private, larger play houses with private membership, and for Dommes that work professionally in the lifestyle and everything in between. What I would say is that I have worked with and for some individuals that I think are prolific in the community both physically and electronically that are promoting the BDSM lifestyle in a very positive light.

I will tell you this, I believe that there should be a little Devilish Design in every dungeon and play bag around the world.  We most definitely agree


The Throne Room

throne chairThrone RoomThe Baron’s early days of working at renaissance fares, running medieval feasts, murder mysteries and Halloween Shows led to the inspiration behind his new addition which he fondly calls The Throne Room I have closets full of props and costumes including a full throne which I decided would be the focal point of my dungeon. The Throne Room is an intimate play space that I continue to hone and refine. I hope in the future to open it up to close friends that do not have a private space in which to play, but for now it is my private chamber and sanctuary. It is one part Throne Room and one part Church. We here at Kinkycamdom have enjoyed sharing the pictures via twitter of the ever changing Throne Room, and are always excited to see what will appear next.


With a busy and expanding year behind him what will 2018 have in store for Devilish Design.I hope to continue building on the solid foundation that has become Devilish Design. I started this project in the middle of 2015 and it has slowly grown each year. I continue to refine my designs and make the paddles that I love to make and offer them as numbered boutique pieces to the public and my patrons. Every piece is truly one of a kind. My hope for 2018 is to continue to grow and have more regular sales. 2017 saw a major movement as Twitter became a significant marketing tool for the business. The name Devilish Design will have to grow even more to cut through the daily chatter that is the Twittersphere to get my message through but I am confident it will. I desire to keep doing top notch work that Tops, Doms and Dommes love to wield, and subs love to have used on them.




wooden knifeWhen running a small business single handed, the ebb and flow of personal life can sometimes have an impact on the direction of the business, The Baron is no exception to this with a massive shift in his personal life late last year we wondered how this has impacted his goal of Devilish Design.


This has been the hardest question to answer for this interview. It’s this question that I think is most important to answer fully without talking too much about my personal life. I experienced a significant loss this last year and it made me realize and realign a great many things and has made my focus crystal clear. What I thought would be a traumatic loss was actually the most positive thing that could have happened to both my Vanilla and BDSM life. One very wise friend once said to me “Let your NO be the YES to the rest of your life”.  Doors have begun to open to me that I did not even know were there, and I chose to go forward. I chose to live my life deliberately, and seek new opportunities that allow me to use my full voice about the lifestyle that I have come to love. I desire to bring the same quality that I apply to my woodwork into my abilities as a Top. I hope to craft good fulfilling scenes in the same manner that I craft a high quality paddle. With such a positive outlook we are sure that Devilish Design will go from strength to strength in the coming years.

Bear ClawsWith so many beautiful custom made designs we find it extremely hard to decide on our favourite piece and The Baron found it a little easier

I created so many beautiful pieces in 2017, but a few stand out in my mind. The first being the Bear Claw that was sent to England as my first official international commission. The Bear Claws have become quite popular, but they take quite a bit of time so every new claw is a custom order. I now only take on a few custom orders a year. Also creating paddle #100, a nice red Over the Knee piece that was sent to a Domme in the Midwest USA. There were so many other notable pieces this past year but I think those are the ones that stand out in my mind as mile stones.



Wooden PaddleThe Baron knows that life is a learning curve and is excited about what the future holds. 
I am always looking for new opportunities to grow as an artisan and Top, and expand my knowledge base. I want to meet and collaborate with other experienced individuals in the community as there are always new things to learn. I also hope to travel more. I desire to meet some of the wonderful people that have become my patrons and supporters. I want to see and experience the Dungeons of The World.

The Baron in his workshop

If we were to take a peek inside the workshop today what would we find?Lots of sawdust! Just Kidding! Right now I am actually creating something for myself. I am working on adjustments and additions for my cross so that it may function more like a rack. I am also working on some new lighting and decor for the Throne Room. Then it is right back to work on paddles for 2018.

The key lesson learned from 2017 is never let anything or anyone hold you back… Focus Forward… and Think Global. These three things drive my every thought and action.


It has been a pleasure for us to watch and help this wonderful business grow over the past 12 months and we are confident that the coming year will see even more unique and exquisite designs making their way hopefully to a Dungeon near you.

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