UK Age Verification

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As you may already be aware, compulsory Age Verification will start in the UK in April 2018.

As a company we have used age verification to comply with 2257 since day one and have systems built into our software to enable us to implement this to UK customers with ease. The law comes into force in April 2018, you will probably loose the majority of the porn sites in the UK overnight, especially the ones suggesting you use a VPN be aware.

Here at Kinkycamdom we still want you to feed your fetish on a daily basis, we are here to stay. We understand that some companies are claiming that without a Credit Card you will not be able to be verified, this is not true for Kinkycamdom. We will implement several ways to open verification to all over 18’s even without a credit card.

We will be introducing Age Verification on our Livecams for all UK customers on the 1st March 2018.

We will ensure the process is as simple and seamless as possible for all users.  If you are an existing customer nothing will change.

If you have any questions regarding the above please Contact Us

Keep it Kinky

The Kinkycamdom Team


Changes to Model Terms and Conditions

Please note we have made changes to our Model Terms and Conditions as of 15.06.17.

The change is to Point 15; Kinkycamdom reserve the right to disable any accounts that are not active for 6 consecutive calandar months.

We have changed this to the following: Point 15: Kinkycamdom reserve the right to disable any accounts, that are not active for 3 consecutive calandar months.

If you have any concerns regarding this change please contact The Kinkycamdom Team via email

Many Thanks


Meet fellow Fetish Friends with Kinky Casuals

Home page for Kinky Casuals

Are you looking to meet like minded Fetish Friends. Kinkycamdom is pleased to launch our new addition Kinky Casuals.

Find your new Kinky playmate today with Kinky Casuals. Whatever your kink or fetish you will find like minded friends just a key stroke away!. Want to chat, meet or possibly find that all important sub that you will collar and own. Become a member today and join the abundance of kinksters awaiting you.

Be warned some of the categories are very taboo and not for the faint hearted. Only true lovers of the alternative lifestyle should enter into the darkness that awaits.

We only cater for the alternative on Kinky Casuals. there is no vanilla here!!!!

Will you find a new kinky playmate??

Join Kinky Casuals today


The Kinkycamdom Team

Changes to Model Terms & Conditions

Models: Please note Model Terms and Conditions have been updated.  The revised document can be found here.. If you have questions please contact Admin via email

Many Thanks

Alterations to Kinky ClipStore

We are currently changing our Kinky ClipStore, we have found a more efficient system that will benefit both models and users alike. The new software shall be added shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Kinkycamdom: Online Service Spotlight

There’s a new webcam service in town and it’s KINKY-tastic. We’d like to introduce you to our new leather and latex-clad friends, Kinkycamdom!

Miss Ems recently spoke with the amazing team over at Burn the Night,  giving her first juicy interview for Kinkycamdom. Massive thanks to the team for a great interview.

To read the full exclusive which includes details on services we offer, where the idea began and what the future holds please go and visit

Burn the Night and Ignite News offer some wonderful services and Adult News. Please pop over and show them some love.

Website  Website for IgniteNews

Twitter @iBurntheNight  @IgniteXXXNews

Thanks guys !

The Kinkycamdom Team x

New Kinky ClipStore – Sell your video content

We are very pleased to introduce the first of many new features to Kinkycamdom. We have now added a New Kinky ClipStore. Models/ Performers you can now sell your clips and videos through our site along side your live webcam shows. Earn a lovely 70% commission for each clip sold. Existing models have already been added to the Kinky ClipStore. You will receive an email with your login details shortly, and can begin uploading those naughty clips.

If you are not a webcam model with us, but would like to sell your clips through our Kinky ClipStore you will need to sign up .Once approved you can choose to use both features, Livecams and Kinky ClipStore or just one dependant on your needs. The choice is yours.

To all our Kinky customers and members we hope you enjoy the new hot, naughty clips and videos. Please go and drop the models a little message and let them know your custom requests.

The Kinky fun is growing.

Webcam From Your Mobile Device

Is your Laptop slow, in need of an update or you simply don’t own one! but you still want to broadcast your live webcam shows. No problem, we are very pleased to announce that you can now broadcast your live shows through our added app from you mobile device. With no interference on stream quality. On holiday, away for business, or a naughty weekend, or in the depths of the dungeons, and you want to share the experience with your customers, you can login and broadcast anytime without the hassle of carrying your laptop. Contact Us for setup.

BDSM Fetish Webcam Models Wanted

Are you a BDSM Fetish webcam model?  We are looking for you.

Mistress, Domme, Goddess, Master, Dom, Sissy or Slave.

We require experienced webcam models in ALL areas of BDSM and Fetish to broadcast on our webcam site.

  • We offer 60% commission
  • Weekly Pay
  • Simple and efficient platform with excellent features and promo tools
  • CamSplit to 50+ webcam sites including some fetish only sites
  • 24hr support

Come and Join the new Kinky fun Sign up now Model Registration or Contact Us for more information

We are NOT Recruiting Webcam Models :)








We are NOT recruiting webcam models for the following categories

Males, Females, Transgender, Couples and BDSM/Fetish.

Why you should NOT join the kinky team.

We have been recently nominated for ‘The Most Innovative Cam Site’ by EroAwards – but we haven’t told them we are only going for the free food and beer!!!

Every company say they will pay the highest rates in the world well how does a free drink tonight in the local sound and if you are really good we will chuck in a packet of pork scratchings 🙂

Every company will tell you they have 3 Million daily visitors, unfortunately we have only me, myself and I, oh and our Kinky Bunny, and the guy next door sometimes pops on as he is a bit of a perv 🙂

Our GEO blocking software is that good it just took out the international space station live cams.

We did offer  a cam split but to be honest it just fell off the tripod and split !!

If you can manage all of that some simple requirements for the job we are NOT recruiting for..

  • Need to appear on cam for at least 5 mins a Month!!
  • You can Smile
  • You can have fun
  • Just login its that simple

If you are now laughing at the above and thinking that they are a bit different you would be very right

Kinkycamdom is different!!

We are straight talking, honest and down to earth with the best customer service in the world

Our webcam models deserve the best and get the best working within the Kinkycamdom Team.

What are you waiting for come and join the Kinky fun right now sign up Model Registration