Stripped Back Raw to the Core – Paul Co-Founder



Welcome to our first edition of Stripped Back – Raw to the Core What better place to start than one of the Co-Founders of Kinkycamdom


The love of kink and the lifestyle is what brings the Kinkycamdom Community together, however we want to be a little different and go deeper, strip you back raw to the core. Being kinky is only one aspect of who you are there is so much more to explore. Each month a deeper set of 20 questions will be asked to those within the Adult industry that wish to take part and will aim to strip them Raw to the Core.

The only rule to these questions is you have to be honest and answer in as much detail as you can.  Are you brave enough?

Paul: Co-Founder of Kinkycamdom

1: What is something you have done that you are really proud of?

OK you asked for the truth so you will get the truth, I actually asked around the office for this one as I struggled if I am honest, the answer was and I have to agree with this I have stopped Drink Driving over many many years now. It was getting expensive smashing cars up especially the last one, my little virgin BMW was flying in the air at over 100 miles an hr after doing the wall of death around a corner before landing upside down.  It finally hit me that I could of killed someone, a car coming in the other direction would not have stood a chance.  I had always had a few drinks and happily drove home for years. My last accident made me realise life is too short and what I was doing was really dangerous to others, nobody close to me thought I would stop. I proved them wrong which is why I am proud of this moment, I kicked a bad habit. and have never done it since


2: Where would you go in a time travel machine?

This one is easy, straight back to the future with Michael J Fox into the shop to buy a sports fixture results book, get back and the world and I will rinse the bookies Happy Days 🙂

3: What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Fuck How long have you got, here is one of many!!

Ahhh have you ever seen the film Twin Town as obviously I grew up in Wales. A normal night would start with 1 and a half Acid Tabs each, 200 magic mushrooms washed down with Southern Comfort. We would proceed to break into the local fair, and slide down the Astroglide on milk floats, totally wasted. Somewhere out of the blue someone shouted ‘Let’s nick a boat and go to France’ bare in mind we are on the coast off North fucking Wales (hey it was good Acid) It was only when we were all waist deep in the Harbour trying to get to this big boat, my best friend shouted ‘Hey Paul you can’t fucking swim!!’ Hence you can imagine on that night we didn’t make it to France!

4: What is your earliest memory?

Being constantly beaten by my Step Dad, until I come of age to wrap his golf clubs around his head. Then it stopped.

5: What was your most intense dream?

This one is quiet crazy, I am shooting Aliens but I am winning so hopefully that is a good thing, hopefully save all us Eathlings 🙂

6: You can give one object (the same object) to everyone in the world, what is it and why?

This one is simple Everyone is getting a Spliff and hopefully it will chill you all out!

7: What is the stupidest thing that you did during the summer after leaving school?

Fuck now where do I start with this one

I wasn’t made welcome in School like normal people, I had a choice basically it was Borstal or go to work, so at 15 I went to work, there was no summer.

8: What is your least favourite chore?

Christ that has got to be the recycling. Not enough boxes and too many wine bottles and beer cans.

9: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

I have been lucky enough to explore every area that I wanted to go.

10: What did you want to be when you grew up?

That is obvious I am going to say what most say an Astronaut ha ha but if I am very honest I don’t want to grow up and probably never will!

11:What is your favourite song/video that you always look back and reflect on and why?

This has took me a while as I am a massive music head and I could list endless songs that I reflect on from years gone by and present day.

One that takes me back to my youth and mixed memories has to be Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face

12: What is your favourite song/video/ book that inspires you and why?

OK this one is quiet simple it is the song Selena Gomez – Good for you

I love this, a nice summer tune and I can see the boat I have my heart set on going out from harbour on it’s side propulsion systems with this blasting from it Bose sound system.

13:What was your first car and did you name it?

I had a yellow Datson Cherry it lasted two days, I married it up with a tree. It did not have chance to be named.

14: Who is the most influential person in your life and why?

This person obviously has to be my Nan God Bless her soul. The most softest and yet hardest person I have ever known. She had to be married to my Grandad that was ex original Special Forces (SAS) and to this day I still wear her wedding ring around my neck.

15: If your closest friend was asked to describe you what would they say?

This is their version truthfully – He is one crazy bastard, completely off his head, funny, with a great intellect and creative mind, a beautiful but hard soul with extreme fire in his belly, protective to the max and I can safely say utterly mental but adorable.

16:What encouraging advice would you give you 17 year old self?


17:What is your favourite item of clothing?

My Rayban’s

18:What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Four cups of tea and just one Spliff 😉

19:Name a place you would never want to visit again and why?

Kavos in Corfu – It is a dirty shit hole and fuck me the balloons just don’t work I tried them all, I even tried off the bottle it didn’t touch the sides, and the watered down Bacardi in the bars did not impress either.  The quad bikes are shit. Stick to Ibiza guys 🙂

20: If you could fix one problem with the world what would it be?

I would legalise marijuana. worldwide.


You can follow Paul on Twitter @paulkinkycamdom

If you would like to get involved with Stripped Back Raw to the Core Contact Us

A Kinky Pond

Vibrant Pond


What has a pond possibly got to do with a kinky webcam site you might ask well surprisingly quite a lot.

We started the crazy journey into the cam industry with Kinkycamdom a little under 6 months ago. At the start we were asked a question regarding the future of Kinkycamdom or Kinky, as I call it, We were asked where we saw Kinky in the future, what our plans were, where did we see this little adventure taking us?  As I was sat here this morning, coffee in hand looking out onto the garden, and over our beautiful pond, I found myself reflecting on the first 6 months of the business, and the question returned into my sleepy head (that was far from caffeinated sufficiently at this point I might add!) and my focus turned to our pond.

Our Pond

Our pond like all other garden ponds started as a little idea. A vision in our mind to enhance the garden and attract different variations of wildlife. We knew where we wanted to locate the pond, had an idea of size and the sort of plants and flowers we would add to begin the process and the rest we would let nature takes it’s course. I remember looking at the pond when we had finished knowing that it would take years to grow and flourish into all of its beauty that I see today. The pond is completely different to when we started, It grows more beautiful and rich with wildlife each year. The birds have been kind enough to drop seeds on passing, we now have a wide variation of plant life that we did not introduce ourselves. The small water lillies we first planted now cover a large area, the flowers and bushes have spread and now give cover to all sides of the water. The fish have multiplied and grown to fill the water with an abundance of colour. The striking difference this year is the reeds that have appeared.  One has turned into four and they stand strikingly tall and dominant in the corner of the pond.  The pond has a life of it’s own and continues to grow and change year on year.

But what has that got to do with Kinkycamdom?

Kinkycamdom was brought about in the same way as our garden pond, we had a little idea, well actually we had a rather big idea, which Paul has aptly named Project X, and Kinky is somewhat a byproduct from the original idea, that is being worked on behind the scenes. Keep watching but for now back to Kinky.

Very much like the pond we had the framework in our minds of where to begin. We wanted a cam site that would cater for all areas of webcam models no discrimination, females, males, trans and BDSM/Fetish to start and add categories as we grew. We also wanted a cam site that would incorporate all of the best parts of other cam sites, to cater for a wider customer base and give the models freedom to choose how to run their rooms. Free chat and live shows for tips. Private chats and shows for set amounts per minute, group shows, the option to transmit live video or chat without video.  Beyond this point we would let nature take it’s course and see where the journey would take us.

The framework was in place, and much like the pond, Kinky was born. With a handful of models that dotted each main category, we were ready to begin. We stood back and looked at that which we had created, very much like we stood looking at the pond. We knew that although it would take many years to establish, lot’s of hard work and an element of going with the flow, it would eventually take on a life of it’s own and just six months in we have grown considerably, some areas of which like the birds dropping seeds were not planned.

What has changed?

We now have an abundance of models, all of different kinky varieties, all offering their own unique shows and experiences. New categories have been added to allow our customers to navigate with ease, and find the models that suit their preference. We see new customers registering everyday, and old customers returning to visit their favourite models. The cams have come to life.

The biggest changes that we have seen are with that which encases the cams, the outside of our pond so to speak. Kinkycamdom as a brand has grown. We were given the opportunity to incorporate our Kinky ToyStore which not only brings new customers, but with our own wishlist being added shortly, it will also give the models an extra bonus. We have also seen the addition of Kinky Casuals, our alternative dating site, which offers members the chance to chat and meet like minded kinksters worldwide. Neither of these aspects were planned, just like the tall dominant reeds that are now stood proudly in the corner of our pond.

Where will we go from here?

This brings me back to the question we were asked when we began “Where do you see Kinky in the future?”  This can now be answered with some ease.

We have no idea where the wind will blow us, but we can tell you this, that just like the pond Kinkycamdom will continue to grow, flourish and change with time and we hope will be a whole kinky community full of beautiful diversity. Our very own ‘Kinky Pond’

Keep it Kinky

Much Love

Miss Ems



Guest Blog – All tied up – Self Bondage

 We are very excited here at Kinkycamdom to introduce our very good friend

More Than whips and Chains

with his first Guest Blog to coincide with our Kink of the Day on Self Bondage.

selfbondage - latex

All tied up – self bondage

Paradoxical elements flow through the heart of BDSM.  Choosing limits when giving up control is an obvious example of this.  The submissive thrives on the idea of total surrender but will do so on their own terms.

For many they are unable, for whatever reason, to find someone to live out their inclinations in the real world.  Some will consume kink virtually through videos, online chat and other digital means.  Others may satisfy their kink on their own, whether it be dressing up, exercising self instructed control or indulging whatever other predilections they have.

For bondage aficionados, the idea of playing alone leaves more questions than answers.  The thrill of being bound is the loss of control.  The loss of control is as a result of another restraining the sub in such a way that they are unable to free themselves.  The act of self bondage can give the illusion of that lack of control, but to truly restrain oneself to the point of total restriction comes the reality that another is needed to ensure eventual freedom.

I am one who thrives on being restrained.  My happiest times are when being placed in to bondage, whether it be on a bondage wheel, a St Andrews Cross or even as simple as a set of handcuffs and a headboard.  I have practiced self bondage but have never manged to replicate the feeling of helplessness.  I have tied my legs to a chair and arms behind my back but with a loose know I knew I could escape.  Did I like it?  Yes.  Did I get the same buzz as when I was tied tightly on a cross?  No.

A google search suggests ice cubes and padlocks that can provide temporary incarceration, but does this lack the psychological element?  Perhaps technology can offer a solution in time?  The sex industry is always quick to embrace technological advances after all.  Photography – porn.  The telephone – sex lines.  Video – porn.  Internet – everything!

For me the true thrill of bondage comes from the interaction.  Each buckle fastened is another step toward the loss of freedom.  Each padlock secured a step toward helplessness.  Self bondage will always have an appeal, a scratch of an itch rather than a satisfying dig with the nails.  That is unless you can get yourself in to the same position as Shinyaline and have a rescuer on hand.

About More Than Whips and Chains

After mulling it over for many moons I am finally writing a chronicle of my journey in to submission.  From my doe eyed times as an eighteen year old exploring the unusual world of BDSM to the present day twenty years on looking at the wonderful array of experiences that I have passed, and also what lies ahead.

More Than Whips and Chains will be published as an ebook in early 2017.  If all goes to plan it will be well received and demand will allow a hard copy to be published.

Kinkycamdom have been lucky enough to work with this amazing up and coming writer and have a sneaky peak at his work. We are very excited for his first release this year, a deep and emotional journey from the heart of a true submissive, and hopefully some more guest blogs on Kinky 🙂

Please follow and support this budding writer.

For updates on the book release and blog posts follow Morethanwhipsandchains – Blog

Follow on Twitter @morethanwhips



Devilish Design – Online Artisan Paddle Boutique

Have you ever wanted to own a custom made paddle or cane, built with passion and love, that will last?

Allow us to introduce you to our new friends at Devilish Design the Online Artisan Paddle Boutique. We were lucky enough to spend some time with the founder and highly skilled craftsman of these unique and beautifully designed pieces ‘The Baron’, and asked him to tell us where his passion, creative flare and skill derived from.

Devilish Design logo

A little introduction into Devilish Design I create high-end one of a kind paddles and canes for a wide spectrum of uses and effects. I concentrate on offering designs for every kind of Domme and Dom. Locally I can create and install larger pieces of furniture such as Crosses, Gallows, Spanking Benches, Stocks, Hitching Posts, etc. The goal of Devilish Design is to create the types of paddles that range from regular scene use to special occasion paddles who’s use must be earned. I like to think of them as the kind of paddles that are collected, gifted, and passed down.

Where did the passion for wood derive well thankfully I had parents that encouraged me to create. At age 13, I was apprenticed to a Master Woodworker. It was a shop that worked in 95% Walnut. Today Walnut is still my favourite wood in which to work. With his passion and skill as a craftsman growing, in his late teens The Baron started to explore the BDSM scene.  I thought I had found my way to “The Lifestyle”. I was unfortunately quite wrong, I had some bad experiences, and decided to walk away. The pull to the ‘lifestyle’ however returned when 3 years ago he began writing Erotica. He was encouraged by another author who appreciated his talent to explore Fetlife, the online community for BDSM, Kink and Fetish. It was here he found the missing piece that would link his skills with wood and love of the lifestyle together.  In wandering around Fetlife I happened upon a Domme of 20 years experience, and we struck up a spirited conversation about everything and over time a friendship formed. Initially I wanted to pick her brain to better round out my writings, but after time and meeting face to face, it became clear that I wanted her to mentor me as a Top and Dom. Her 20 years as a Domme along side my 31 years of wood and art experience has proven to be a formidable force and partnership. We are Partners in Crime and continue to work on Our House, Our Dungeon, and our Devilish Designs.

Custom Paddle DDIt was a conversation with The Baron’s newly found mentor that led to the first set of paddles being designed I asked “Do you have any paddles that I could check out?”. Her answer was “none that had not broken”. It got me to thinking about how paddles are made and used, and the materials versus the desired effects.The next day I went out to my shop and created my first paddles. We sat with each one and discussed every aspect of them and how to improve them. What came from those discussions was the fact that together we could provide paddles for every taste and body type, from the 6’5″ Gorilla Dom to the 4’11” Domme and every desired result. and from there Devilish Design was born


Most of the inspiration for The Baron’s work comes from long discussions with his mentor and ‘Partner in Crime’ making prototypes, then refining each design to a finished and public-ready implement, their own Dungeon and personal collections overflow with the successful prototypes but what other areas in life inspire the skilled craftsman. I take a lot of my inspiration from my days as an historical fencing teacher and fight director. Working with swords and knives for most of my life has had a pretty obvious influence on my paddles. One of my popular designs is called The Gladius as it resembles the classic Roman short sword, and you can definitely see how knives have found their way into my handle designs. My Bear Claws are fashioned around Brass Knuckles.


walnut paddlesBringing his own life experiences and passion into his work helps The Baron makes each piece individual, desirable and unique. He also makes custom designs for clients, so how does an idea grow into the finished product?

Our base/stock designs are a collaboration between my mentor and myself. We discuss the effect we desire and use of each piece created. Taken into account for each piece are details such as the desired effect, length, width, thickness, and density of material. When working on a custom paddle, the collaboration between myself and the client is constant. We have to discuss everything mentioned above and be very specific. You can rest assured that if you are unsure on any aspect of the design The Baron will offer his expert guidence in each area of the process to ensure the final piece created is everything you asked for and more Sometimes a client will desire a specific material that will not give them the result they wish to feel. An extremely exaggerated example of this would be the fact that balsa wood will never be thuddy. Sometimes it’s a simple adjustment of dimension or a complete rethinking to achieve the paddle that is desired. When doing a custom piece my clients can attest that my communication and progress pictures are consistent. Our lifestyle is all about thorough communication, and I believe that must be taken into my work as well. It is with this exceptionally detailed approach to work on every level with clients that makes The Baron’s pieces so sought after and unique. They are truly one of a kind and designed around your individual needs.

selection of custom made canes


For those who are just starting on their journey with paddles the whole process of a custom made design may seem quite scary. Fear not The Baron can offer ready made designs to suit your needs. If you see something in my stock that you like, or know what you want to achieve I can steer you to the right piece for you and your experience level.



The Baron creating a custom made paddle

With all aspects of the design now detailed the process of crafting in the workshop can finally begin so how long would an individual piece take to create It truly depends on the piece and materials. Woods that are easy to work with will go faster. Some of the more exotic woods, Purpleheart for example, are extremely dense and take much longer to shape and sand. In layout, cutting, shaping, and sanding I would say that anywhere between 7-14 hours is the average. Glue Time and Finish Time are other factors all together. It can take me a few days to get the finish just right. Then there is the time it takes to go to the mill and hand select each piece of lumber I buy. Larger pieces of furniture are calculated on a job to job basis. Great care is taken with each piece and this is more then evident in the finished products.


The Baron’s love for walnut is also highly evident in the many paddles he has produced, he does however work with lots of different materials My favorite wood in which to work is hands down highly figured Walnut. Though not cheap by any means, it is a joy to work with, and the scent takes me right back to memories of the shop I apprenticed in. Walnut is a medium dense hardwood and quite versatile. It is good for either sting or thud. When finished, its grain and luster are stunning, and with the right piece can be absolutely holographic. Curly Maple and Cherry would come in as close seconds. I do get a lot of call for Purpleheart, but it is a pain to work with due to its density. Purpleheart is a such a pretty purple when finished though that I continue to work with it. As you can imagine with such a love for crafting with wood the designs and products go much further than just covering fetish items he also produces other beautifully crafted items Among them would be items such as wall sconces, cutting boards (or bread and cheese boards… you wouldn’t really want to do any cutting on them), spread knives, mirror and picture frames. I am also working on lamp and mirror designs with hidden compartments in them.


With such a wide variety of prototypes and products that he has produced you would think The Baron would find it hard to pick a favourite piece that he has created, but it is clear his devotion to his mentor, burns deep within his inspiration for many of his products including his favourite I call it Scorpius. It is a set created for my mentor. She is a Scorpio, and the set I made for her is cut from a single piece of highly figured Walnut Crotch (where to limbs come together is called crotch). The natural grain in the main paddle resembles a scorpion’s tail and its accompanying piece is the tip of the scorpion’s stinger. To date it is my favourite piece, except possibly rivaled by the Eagle Globe and Anchor paddle also created for my mentor. She is not only a Scorpio, but also a United States Marine.

custom made paddles Custom made wood paddle








The prices of an average mass produced product available on retail sites, are somewhat lower than the $50-$100 that Devilish Design set as a base price for each item. However I am sure that you agree with us here at Kinkycamdom and with The Baron himself that a beautifully hand crafted piece of work is worth every penny. Each of my pieces are created one at a time. There is no mass production in my shop, no computer aided cutting, and no laser etching. It is just me and my tools. I make what I enjoy for my everyday stock items. Each paddle, stock or custom, is a one of a kind. The piece you see online is the paddle you will receive. And with delivery worldwide we can all own a custom made Devilish Design.

In a world full of mass produced items it is always beautiful to find a little gem hiding within the quiet corners, and with Devilish Designs we have found just that. If you are looking for a unique, beautifully handcrafted custom made product you need look no further. The love and passion that goes into each product is second to none they are built to last, and withstand the hardest test. We here at Kinkycamdom look forward to working alongside The Baron to create some custom pieces for our own personal Dungeons and especially for our next project. Will one of The Baron’s paddles be gracing a Dungeon near you soon, we very much hope so, we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you to The Baron for allowing Kinkycamdom to step inside the world of Devilish Design and if you would like to support his beautiful work you can find him on one of the many Social media groups below.

The Baron creating a masterpiece

Because DevilishDesign is a boutique we aim to keep things intimate. You can find my entire collection for sale on Contact me for a personal sale through Paypal

You can always find me on Twitter. I am very active, and it has become a major site of advertisement.

On Ebay you can find my work at

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You can find my writings at:



What is a Fetish Introducing the F word

The F word - Fetish -When you think of the word fetish what springs to mind, is it whips, chains, latex, feet everything BDSM related. These are the normal answers I am given. However when I speak to my Mother I am presented with a completely different set of words not at all related to BDSM or kink, the words carpet, cleaning, handbags and washing are what she associates with fetish. Two very different worlds and yet both describe the same thing.

So what is a fetish, it is either an object, non-reproductive body part or an action that causes excitement or arousal in an individual, an abnormally obsessive attachment or fixation.

So what does any of that actually mean in basic terms.

Well lets start with an object. This could be latex, heels or in my Mothers case carpets, and handbags.  These objects excite the individual sometimes sexually, some just in an obsessive way. I for example have a latex fetish, not only does it excite me, it turns me on, I am both fixated and obsessed with latex, my mind is even wondering now as I write about it…… My Mothers fetish is for handbags, they excite her she is more than obsessed by them but in a non sexual way.

The same applies to a non- reproductive body part such as legs, bum and feet and actions such as smoking, tickling or even washing 🙂

The world of fetish is so broad and varied from armpit’s to freckles, balloons, to bondage and so many more.

Are you ready to explore, what better place to start than in the kinky world of Kinkycamdom, not only do we stock over 50,000 fetish items, clothing  and toys in our Kinky ToyStore but we also have BDSM/Fetish models ready to take you on a journey of self discovery on our live webcams  It is time to take the first step into the darkside and yes we do have cookies 🙂

Much Love

Miss Ems  xx

Kinkycamdom Introduces a new Kinky Toy Store

Want to bring your kink to life? Try our new toy store.

Those of you watching may have seen that we have added a new feature to Kinkycamdom. Our new Kinky toy store is now live 🙂

We have over 40,000 products on sale ranging from the simple and discreet bullet to the more adventurous thrusting vibrator and XBIZ award winners

Take a browse on the store and you will find something to fit every taste and pleasure.

We have over 4000 toys for men to explore and add some kinky fun to your masturbation moments.

Every kind of vibe and dildo that you can think of, the most amazing sex machines to fuck you hard for hours, kinky couple fun for exploring couples, and electrifying orgasms for fetish folk. We have it all and more.

It’s time to take your sexual pleasure to the max and start playing with your senses, have a look around we offer daily clearance and special offers, and if you sign up for our weekly newsletter you get 10% off your first order.

We have USA based warehouses and although most Items can be delivered to the UK and Europe, the cost of shipping unless in bulk is very high, we are looking at expanding to cover UK and Europe shortly.

Are you ready to play follow us on twitter for the latest deals @kinkycamdomTOYS




Meet The Team – Paul Kinkycamdom BDM

We thought you might like to meet the Kinky Team behind the scenes. Who better to start with than the creative, completely crazy, Kinkster our Business Development Manager




We caught up with a very jet lagged but excited Paul just after his recent return from LA to grab the gossip and allow him to introduce himself.

OK Paul where do we start?

Fuck it I’m going to tease you then it’s going to get boring:

OK yes my last trip abroad was all about ProjectX, and I do believe I have made a big impact on that, well I am still on the pension scheme thank fuck! so can’t be bad. Believe me it is going to be massive, but unfortunately as a company we have decided that due to law changes over recent years within porn, it will not be available in the UK.  If you want my personal opinion on the regulations within the UK, I feel we should ban under 18 year old’s from using the internet full stop. This simplifies things as it not just porn that is an issue to our children, whats wrong with a good old book that we used to have years ago, but moving on…

OK We can see you are very passionate about your work. Can you give as any juicy gossip about ProjectX?

long pause nose twitch……  No comment just wait, I am not going to do the usual bullshit, just wait for it that’s it! Watch, wait and anticipation….

That is a very exciting answer no juicy details you are definitely not giving anything away. OK as you want to keep that a very guarded secret for now, shall we get back to Kinkycamdom, where did it all begin for you?

OK I bumped into these amazing people at a hotel in Ibiza where we started chatting, then I ended at up IMS Dalt Villa  and the guys were there, after hrs of madness, partying and chatting they welcomed me into the kinky family, and it has been an epic journey from there.

So what did you do before Kinkycamdom?

I had a tight arse,… I can tell you now one sitting with Miss Ems, and that enormous strap-on and it soon becomes slack, that’s a ruthless bitch. there you go next question.

You have changed roles since the launch of Kinkycamdom, tell us what your current role involves?

Well OK Yeah I have let the kinky bunny loose, on recruitment, but I still wind him back in with his little bunny treats, but bless him he is getting there,  Big up to my Kinky Bunny.

OK fucking hell usually I get censored  on this shit on twitter for speaking my fucking mind but hey right. I tell it as it is and a lot of people especially in the UK don’t like me, The USA love me:), but most don’t like to hear the truth, but hey the truth always comes out in the end….

I am here to make sure you know about us!! we are coming to every award ceremony near you, you can count on it. I will also make sure we are on your TV screens basically you won’t be able to breath without us.

We did tell you he was crazy, but he is the best at what he does 🙂

Where do you see Kinkycamdom in the next 12 months?

Well truthfully Kinkycamdom in the next few months let alone 12 months will be sat with the CEO of Chaturbate, Shirley Lara amongst others having a little giggle, so what do you think we have got prepared for all of you….

Kinkycamdom is growing Cams, toys, what else have planned?

I want to grow the business and  look after the models and make sure they are happy we are adding a donation button, clips are coming there is a large amount in store we have only just started, have faith in the Kink we are here to stay!! Now can I go home to bed as I’m knackered.

Well there you go a little introduction to the madness behind the scenes from our BDM. We are all very excited are you??

Follow Paul on twitter for regular updates @paulkinkycamdom



Anda: Adult Performer Interview

It’s time to get to the naked core of  the sadistic brat tamer, fetish lover and kinkster:


Anda was one of the very first BDSM/Fetish adult performers to sign up with Kinkycamdom before we launched, and has worked very hard alongside our team to help promote and bring the kinky fun to life. We spent some time catching up with the divine beauty and asked her to delve into the depths of her webcam experiences and fetishes.


Hi Anda thank you for taking time away from the webcam to chat with us, how long have you been webcamming for and why did you start?

I’ve been modelling for six years now.
In the first place I needed the money, I was on a moving job period of time, was back then when was financial crises and I used to work in banking. So I just turned to the webcamming as independent model.

After some time I really started enjoying, like my profile says:
“I am in love with so many things webcasting related, like great conversations, no boundaries, no shame, just being myself, me and my fetishes.”

Like so many Adult performers that step into the webcam industry it was money, flexibility and independence that lead you and after so long working on webcams it is obvious that you very much enjoy your work, what is it that you enjoy most about performing on webcam?

Being myself, being in control, doing what I like to do, finding new people with different cultures, different ways of thinking and still … to “corrupt” them. 😉 To make them addicted to me, to make them realise that there is more other things out there except brute sex.

You definitely get to explore with a wide and varied audience when working on webcams, are there areas of kink or characters that you do not enjoy working with?

I don’t like the pretenders, in my native language pretender has a different meaning than in English, so a pretender is a fake person that just likes to act in a way or other not because he/she feels it but mostly because they find it cool. You know like the entire wave of women – and not only – who after Fifty Shades of Grey started to act like they actually know something about BDSM.

Same as on my profile I am not into strict protocol but a slave, a submissive should understand his position regarding mine, and that a paid session with me is a bless from him, sometimes I reject members only because I consider they don’t deserve being under “my heel”.

We can see that true respectful and devoted submissive customers will be taken to the depths of their fetish when they enter into your world on webcam. What would a private webcam session with you involve?

Expect the unexpected, I work with humans, they can expect a lot but their expectations might be the wrong ones. Some of them – often – they don’t even know they are submissive, they don’t even know they are fetishists, and the world is full of fetishes. I am good at discovering the right fetish for the right person. I have humiliation, I love tease, a lot of tease, and denial, mental plays, I love Total Control Power. I like when a powerful man comes into my session and the power switch just happens and he is so surprised by that and he gets so addicted. Are many things to expect from my sessions, I have an high IQ, I have education related to Fetish/BDSM, and a lot of “weapons” to use. 😉

Your private sessions sound very exciting, kinky and highly addictive. Are there any strange requests a customer has asked you do in a webcam session?

Strangest, uhm! more like prohibited, immoral, senseless. On a lower note, I had members asking me things like shoving a bottle into my vagina, which was no! no! no!, I had all kind of requests but don’t find them strange.

Customers that are looking for an experienced fetish model will find Anda is prepared for all aspects of kink and fetish but even she has her limits…

No kids talk, no animal talk, no cutters on my sessions.

So how often can we catch your fetish shows on our webcams? 

Every night as you may see, that if I don’t have a social event, I have many friends and do go out pretty often.

We know you have a large amount of erotic and sensual photo sets, lots of Adult Performers make custom clips and videos for their customers can we expect to see any from yourself, or is it only webcam sessions?

Rarely, the content that I show is unique in each session so I rather to keep with me.

You were one of the first Adult Performers to sign up with us before our site went live, why did you decided to join Kinkycamdom?

First reason is because it is the only website that is really about Fetish/Kink/BDSM so the members they know why they come for.
Second I like the stuff. And I think with more exposition it will become soon successful.

There are lots of new webcam performers that are just starting out in the industry do you have any advice you can offer them from your six years of  experience?

Be natural, don’t make compromises only for money, in the end is only about you and yourself and how you feel with yourself, if something makes you feel uncomfortable just decline it, if something touch a mental or psychical limit just decline it. If is not your cup of tea and you know it just don’t do it for money, going to leave “traces”.


Are you brave enough to enter the realm of fetish and kink with Anda, we can safely say that once you have taken the step into the darkside, you will have to return for more.



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