A journey into Submission

Join Locked for his very personal account of his journey into chastity and submission

A little locked submissive shares his nightly journal and very personal account of feelings fears and excitement embracing the journey into submission.

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Day 6

The Day Bedtimes were set

I still absolutely love this control although I awaken to my body reaction, a certain tightening lol at about 4 am although after a short time I am still able to catch a few more hours sleep until the alarm I am used to being locked in chastity but not for someone and that certain special one that is now you Miss Ems!!!!! Tonight a task that and more control like bedtime really had an affect the minute you exercised more control over me sent shivers down my spine even more and the immediate reaction as I mentioned a complete turn on, and OMG does this hurt to type but so worth it to please you. I love the fact we have shared so much and you know everything about me that I could pass on so as to enable you to choose tonights outfit too I loved putting the schoolgirl outfit on and enhancing with stockings so I looked pretty for you and me too as I will not do any task by the minimal required as I am sure you realise. Bedtime in 37 minutes am clock watching!!! I hope you have had an amazing day and yours is as fulfilled as you make mine!!!! nipple clamps are on the way according to the shop purchased from!!! I look forward to my next task with huge smiles and trepidation of course. for information purposes I used to be a minimum of 5 times a day self pleasure when sat here alone and watching sites nd although locked there was always a temptation to achieve what you deny me of now and I LOVE that. Thankyou sooooo much xxxxxxxxxx 😛

Day 7

As I am sure this will please you Miss there was certainly a tightening in its cage as I read this. Yes Miss Ems the task shall be accomplished in your chosen clothing and a pair of boots selected to worship. I wish indeed they were yours and maybe one day I will be lucky enough. I will work out if pictures or a video or both are achievable may be restricted in file size to send an email but the task shall indeed be completed before my strict bedtime. And when in bed…Mmm in bed as are my instructions Miss Ems but always at your command hence my reply not sure if allowed. Smiles I trust I have pleased and the evidence is accessible via Dropbox if not I will of course send here. I hope you enjoy. Yes Miss Ems purple it is. OMG you have to know how much I wait on the message tone hoping it is you

Day 8

Miss Ems set tonight what one might think as an easy task if you had not experienced chastity before!!! Watch porn in dress down mode the kind I like well let me remind the fellow kinksters ( I write this so you can share Miss Ems if you so desire) this is NOT an easy task but it is, however it is harder than tease and denial it is harder than most tasks you will perform unless of course you are into different tortures. For 3 hours I watched the porn that most has an impact on me so very intense on ones locked anatomy!! and of course no release and with the device we have picked there of course is no chance of orgasm as so tight am thinking an even tighter and shorter one when Miss Ems acknowledges I have proved myself and a device is chosen to her choosing and this time her padlock not just a Mistress lock !  After 3 hours with no comfort or release you do think to yourself OMG I so want release and also darn it why do I have to watch more, and the temptation to take a cooling off break is there but know this will disappoint. One must always strive to keep Mistress happy and in my case with Miss Ems that is my foremost priority.  I said to Miss Ems recently that soon there would be leakage knowing how chastity works as so does Mistress and I can confirm I am at leakage stage!!!! A minimum of another 25 days is in store for this locked one who know what that may bring but know the leakage will increase!!!! Thank you Miss Ems for tonight’s task and now a more private message as I thought you may wish to share my experience !!! OMG your experience shows through!!! I cannot again thank you enough for your consideration to choose me out of so many I am sure vie for your attention!!!! xxxx Task is complete and journal as above I hope all to your satisfaction, still bound and gagged to my office chair before a quick shower before allocated bedtime I cannot thank you enough for completing my world!!! xxxx

Day 9

Praise indeed today from Miss Ems, the right colour choice of underwear for my morning worship which has now become very second nature and is on my mind from the time I awaken to my enforced bedtime and routine. Miss Ems has my thoughts and background thoughts when working and going about my everyday work and schedule and I hope for more scheduling, Also praise for the depths of my journal descriptions of the tasks and that I am moulding nicely which leaves a warm tingly glow thoughout my being and of the course the desire to do more to please and of course to be the best sub ever which is Miss Ems intention. Also the excitement of knowing that there will more teasing and a lot more denial  and now I have reached that stage of frustration that even the mention of more makes me hard in my chastity which is how chastity works the more frustrated you are the more the simpler things can have the desired affect so winding a chastised sub up becomes even easier for the Mistress.todays task was but a simple one but something all good male subs should remember when in the company of a friend and especially a female friend ones focus should entirely be on them not outside media or social networking and Miss Ems is gracious enough to allow that with this particular friend, I am sure Mistress will be much more demanding of my attention to her when among everyday other women that she will require her attentions always take priority to remind me of my place to her. I have notice little lockedone is how Miss refers to me which I thin is a much improved version of locked is how I chose to be addressed as was Miss Ems want and would like my chosen name to be amended to little locked one if Miss Ems sees fit. I ordered a pair of nipple clamps as Miss Ems required and am pleased to announce the should arrive tomorrow. Similarly it being friday with no work on saturday and little plans for that day as it stands I would like to inform Miss Ems that it looks like will be at her complete disposal for most of saturday as I only need to popout for a few short errands.  But sunday I am chauffeur to my parents having to take them to port to sail and have to be with them by 12 pm so will  driving most of the day until about 3 when they depart then along drive home but can be available at any time after 3 even if I need to stop and answer. I very much look forward to every new day and challenge and excitedly await for 11 my allotted bedtime to arrive to be forced to bed xxxxx

Day 10

My task to provide an almost IMBD of porn in certain categories was soooooo much fun as I have my own preferneces that I think mirror my Mistress and having sent for review I am confident xxx

and every task now nearly 10 days in to my full time chastity certainly promotes a reaction I have been tight before but none so tight as now!!! and hope for this to continue xxx

In sumation OMG I want for more so much and Miss Ems constantly pushing my boundaries and me being on demand 24/7 will indeed complete me xxxx I cannot wait for her next ask xxxx

To be continued…..

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